My first interest in the arts was directed towards the theatre. I was educated at Sylvia Young’s Theatre School, after which I had several acting jobs in the theatre, on television and a season in Andrew Lloyd Webbers ‘Cats’. During this time I developed a passion for painting and completed a BA(hons) in Fine Art at Winchester School of Art. After leaving university I took a position of Artist in Residence at a North London art gallery where regular exhibitions of my work gained me a loyal following of Art buyers. Inspiration for my work has come from travel in Europe. I start with a composition, usually from a photograph or sketch, at this stage I am looking for shapes and spaces that feel right. I then begin working on a canvas with collected materials, paper, fabric, anything with an interesting texture or colour to recreate the composition, if a wall surface is crumbling with years of sun I will chose a material that reflects this. This collage creates the structure of the painting and at this stage I can usually see the direction of the final piece which I then complete with various types of paint and colour. The result can sometimes be quite abstract and sometimes more literal.

1989 – 92 Sylvia Young Theatre School
1996 – 99 BA(hons) Fine Art, Winchester School of Art

Solo Exhibitions
1998 National Theatre Green Room, Southbank, London
2000 Hanging Around Gallery, Enfield, Middlesex
2001 Hanging Around Gallery, Enfield, Middlesex
2002 Di Rollo Gallery, Dundas Street, Edinburgh
2002 Hanging Around Gallery, Enfield, Middlesex
2003 ’39 Essex Street’ Temple, London
2004 Jephson Lodge, Leamington Spa
2004 Di Rollo Gallery, Dundas Street, Edinburgh
2005 Warwick Museum
2005 Hanging Around Gallery, Enfield, Middlesex
2006 Fine Art UK, Cheltenham
2006 AE Art, Warwick
2007 Opened gallery in Rugby town centre.

April 2012 career pause to focus on becoming a mummy.
November 2013 Re- opening of Anna Lorimer Art and Framing in Rugby.

Group Exhibitions
2001 NEC, Birmingham
2002 JFT Gallery, Warwick
2002 NEC, Birmingham
2003 JFT Gallery, Warwick
2003 Hanging Around Gallery, Enfield, Middlesex
2003 Battersea Contemporary Art, Battersea, London
2003 Affordable Art, Battersea, London
2003 Fresh Art, Islington, London
2004 Ireland Art, Dublin
2005 Fine Art UK Gallery, Cheltenham
2005 The Atrium Gallery, Bath
2005 Black Dog Gallery, Surrey
2006 Di Rollo Gallery, Edinburgh
2006 Jennifer Welch Gallery, Aberdeen
2006 West End Gallery, Edinburgh
2006 Bluestone Gallery, Lincolnshire
2006 Fine Art UK, Ledbury